Time after time after time
August 22nd, 2008

Time after time after time

Yes, the strip is late, and I apologize. But there was this little tropical storm, you see…

Actually Tropical Storm Fay, while it has gleefully dumped rivers of water upon my house for going-on-five days now, had absolutely nothing to do with the tardiness of this strip, but I’ve decided to blame everything on Fay for at least the next week just on general principles.

Oh, about the strip? I totally do this.


  1. NYPinTA

    Heh. My alarm clock is 9 minutes fast, but I know that so I just do the math and get more sleep.

    Sorry about Fay. And I thought we had a rainy season up here this year!

  2. Samatwitch

    I do that, too, Chris. The only clocks in my house that are accurate are my VCR and Microwave. My watch is usually 17 minutes fast, which I know and subtract always. I’m still not sure it helps!

    I hope the waters recede soon and the rain lets up.

  3. Robert Hutchinson

    I hope it isn’t bad to say this about a one-off, but this is the funniest SH strip yet. Set their crops forward . . . heh.

    Also getting to enjoy Fay here in southern Georgia.

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