Well, that’s ironic …
September 5th, 2008

Well, that’s ironic …

To our loyal readers:

Save Hiatus is going … on Hiatus. But don’t despair! We won’t be taking a break from keeping you entertained. More on that in a moment.

Why Are We Doing This?
First, let me say, this is all on me. And the answer is quite simple, really. I’m completely overwhelmed. Drawing the strip didn’t take up more of my time than I expected it to when we first started back in February. Instead, the rest of my life got busier around it. I found myself spending more and more time in front of the computer, and less and less time with friends and family. When I told my family I would be taking a break from drawing the strip, my 7-year old daughter threw her hands in the air, shouted “Yay!” and hugged me. That’s when I knew I’d made the right decision.

The Good News
Unlike TV hiatuses (hiati?), this is not a cleverly disguised way to say we’re going away for good. For the sake of my sanity and my relationships, I need to take a real, honest-to-goodness break and figure out a way to better balance my time. But I’ve made a commitment to Chris that Save Hiatus will return as soon as possible. The strip has been a joy to work on, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Casey, Ven, Tess, Walker and the rest of the gang. I would hate to walk away completely.

More than likely, it will look a little different than it does now. Chris and I have discussed changing formats, switching to black & white, and other changes we can make to make the strip easier to do without compromising quality or sacrificing the funny. Whatever form it takes, I promise we’ll do our best to make Save Hiatus 2.0 as fun and entertaining as it is now.

In the meantime …

The First Hiatus Novel!
Starting Monday, you’ll get excerpts from the semi-official novelization of the Hiatus pilot episode, “Encounter in Forever on the Edge of the City of Tomorrow,” based on the screenplay by Manny Ulrich. The novelization will be written by Chris, who asks that anyone connected with “What’s the Use Productions” or the Network please, please not sue him.

Excerpts will continue on Mondays and Fridays, just like our comic schedule.

So, for now, enjoy the first-ever Hiatus serial novel. And keep us bookmarked, RSS-ed and twittered, ’cause we’ll be back before you know it. Until then, keep Hiatus..ing! Or, you know, something.



  1. Garrett Williams

    This pilot episode idea sounds very promising. It doesn’t seem like we’ll really be missing anything, we’ll just be getting something different. It’ll be good to see what these characters were all raved about, too.

  2. Jason C. Brand

    Real life is always more important than fiction (did I just say that?)

    Go spend time with family and friends… we’ll wait for you.

  3. Samatwitch

    I look forward to Chris’s novelisation and hope that you have a good ‘hiatus’, Adam. Definitely you’re family and real life come first. We’ll still be here.

  4. OminousKevin

    I was upset until I saw your 7 year old’s response. You’re making the right call. Good luck!

  5. Producer

    Agreed with OminousKevin. Can’t argue with bringing joy to a 7-year-old. Recently had to make a similar decision to shelve one of my projects and I know how hard it can be to call off, even when you’re pretty sure it’s the right call. Glad you got some immediate validation. All the best, we’ll be here when you get back.

  6. Corine

    Everyone above says it all but I wanted to add my two cents too. You are most definitely making the right decision. We will miss the regular crew but your fall back plan sounds like a great way to pass the time until SH 2.0 can be realized. Now go play a game with your daughter!

  7. BoomerGoodheart

    Hey, if Barry over at InkTank can work in B&W, so can you! Enjoy the time off. We’ll keep the light on for you. :-)

  8. Riot


    Kidding, good for you man. Don’t ever stop drawing all together man, you’ve got a good sense of humor.

  9. klinqueen

    Adam, do what you’ve got to. We’ll miss the strip, but know that other things have to come first. I’ll PM you about getting together to discuss more soon.

  10. DJ

    This hurts me, but I understand… please dont leave us for too long

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