Feeling the burn
May 30th, 2008

Feeling the burn

Well, nothing worth doing is worth doing right the first time, or something like that. Had a few first-time bugs trying to post the comic with the new layout, but it seems to be working now!


  1. Adam

    Commenting is now allowed on the strips, so feel free to chime in!

  2. HalibetLector

    Unless you live along the embarcadero… then you dodge dogs, bikes and tourists. Which is almost as bad.

  3. Tylorva

    He could always run across the Golden Gate Bridge. That’s long and flat!

    Tylorva (loving this comic - keep it up chaps!)

  4. Adam

    @Tylorva: Yeah. Long, flat and a pain in the ass to draw! :D Don’t give Chris any ideas!

  5. PurpleDrazi

    Is that Duck I spy? :P

  6. Adam

    @PurpleDrazi: Good eye! I was worried he was going to be too blurry to notice.

  7. Eujean2

    Love the orange vw.

  8. NYPinTA

    Just commenting because I can. :D

    And what is this “jogging” of which you speak??

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