A gloom of one’s own
June 2nd, 2008

A gloom of one’s own

Woo! It’s our 30th strip! Many thanks to our growing number of readers, who keep us from feeling like we’re talking (or would that be “comicking”?) into a void. I’m really enjoying drawing this strip, especially when I get to stretch myself and try something a little outside my comfort zone. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to draw Ven in the position he’s in on the bed, but I have to say I’m really pleased with the way it turned out. Plus, I think the characters are staying “on model” more and more often, which is a relief to me (and probably makes them easier to tell apart for all of you, huh?)

On a totally unrelated front, San Diego Comic-Con is only a month and a half away. While we started the strip too late this year to really plan on having a table there, I will be there on behalf of Quantum Mechanix, and I’ll be bringing some Save Hiatus swag to try to drum up some new readers. And even though we won’t have a booth, we’re gonna have booth babes (and a few booth dudes, for that matter). :) I have few people lined up who said they’d be willing to wear a Save Hiatus shirt at San Diego, and carry around some buttons or stickers to let people know about the strip. The Save Hiatus Booth Babe (and Dude) Brigade is a very exclusive club, but if you, our dedicated charter readers want in, we’d love to have you. We’ll be opening up a t-shirt shop very soon, which will include the official (to us, anyway) San Diego Comic-Con Save Hiatus shirt. So keep your eyes peeled, and drop us a line using our new contact form if you want to be part of the Save Hiatus Booth Babe (and Dude) Brigade!

EDIT: I was a complete tool and forgot to thank Joel Watson of Hijinks Ensue, who gave us a hand on a moment’s notice when we were struggling with a bit of the dialog for today’s strip. Check him out. He’s got a painfully funny (emphasis on the painful) strip about the Universal fire today.


  1. crossoverman

    Best comic yet! That line about the 12th Cylon is hysterical - and completely unexpected. Nice work.

  2. OminousKevin

    The real enemy is always man…

  3. klinqueen

    Booth babes? Can I be a booth babe???
    Swag??? There’s gonna be real SH swag???

    Extra shiny!!!

  4. Linoge

    Blast. I wish I were going to be around for the Comic Con, but it does not look like it at the moment. Can I be an in-spirit booth dude?

    At any rate, I stumbled upon (no, not thorugh stumbleupon, whatever that is) this comic a little while ago, and I have to admit, I am enjoying it thoroughly… keep it up!

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