Go, team!
June 20th, 2008

Go, team!

I have rarely, if ever, been more tempted to say, “thank God it’s Friday” than I am this week. The real world (read: the day job) took me out behind the shed and whupped me good. Unfortunately, there’s no rest for the weary this weekend. Tomorrow is the San Francisco Can’t Stop The Serenity screening, which I’ve been roped into helping out with, and then Sunday it’s off to the races in Sonoma. There’s a POSSIBILITY that after 35 straight on-time posts, we may be late on Monday’s regularly-scheduled strip. I sincerely hope not, but it’s gonna take some creative time juggling on my part to get it done on time. Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Devon

    This is Awesome!! Finally a truly clever thing to say to folk who say that enjoying a tv show or comic or whatnot is nerdy! I might like this on a shirt.

  2. Mr Reynolds

    Go Boston!

  3. Michael.k

    There’s a dinner plate on his bed, with socks left on it. Why was he eating socks in bed, off a plate?

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