The excitement nearly mounts
July 4th, 2008

The excitement nearly mounts

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Unless you’re not from the U.S., in which case, happy Friday! Unless you’re from Australia, and therefore from the future. What’s it like? Do we have jet packs yet? Do we get our sustenance exclusively in capsule form? Are there lots of blinky lights? You future guys are cool.

Enjoy the comic, folks, and have a safe holiday!


  1. Lauren

    Actually, we DO have lots of blinky lights!

  2. Eric

    Who’s that granny supposed to be?

  3. Jillian

    Good call on the Captain Hammer t-shirt.

  4. Adam

    @Eric: They’re at Walker’s bookstore. She’s just a random customer. :)

  5. NYPinTA

    I didn’t even notice the Capt. Hammer t-shirt! Nice. And “nipples up” might just be my next favorite expression.
    But I do see some funky band logo in that one panel…

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