July 7th, 2008


New strip!

Adam is hard at work getting ahead on future pages so we can post something every day of the San Diego Comic-Con. It’s gonna be huge. Huge! And we’ll have some announcements very soon about more con-related funness coming from that direction, so check back.

Also, SaveHiatus is proud to participate in Webcomic Crotchstar Day. It’s… a long Twitter-based story.


  1. john darc

    hmm, I thought he was Doc Brown for a while. And what is she supposed to be? A terminator? is she one from SCC? Cause i don’t watch that.

  2. Shmuel

    She’d be a Terminator, ala SCC. They’re gonna rebroadcast the whole first season nightly, Sunday-Wednesday, starting August 10, so you can catch up then.

    (It has Summer Glau as a Terminator. What else would it take to sell you?)

  3. sarcastodon

    Same John D’arc on HE? Weird.

    Anyways, yah, you should watch SCC - it’s really not too bad. Most of the cast (including Brian Austin Greene) is alright, but it’s worth watching for Summer Glau. She really steals the screen every time she’s on.

  4. Adam

    Yeah, seriously, it’d be a good show without Summer, but WITH Summer, it’s almost criminal not to watch it.

  5. Mollyscribbles

    Oh, please — he claims to be a geek, but he can’t even imagine a crossover fanfic scenario?

  6. Pronoun

    2 dystopian futures where machines try and subjugate mankind. The thing pretty much writes itself. Just throw in a dimensional rip with a well placed ethernet port and you’re in business.

  7. Adam

    “… Answer the phone if you want to live”

  8. john darc

    yes, it is the same JD from HE. hello.

    anyway, I can’t watch SCC cause…I just can’t support it. This whole new franchising of the Terminator brand really bothers me. The third movie, the next three movies, and the show shouldn’t even exist.

  9. Shmuel

    Might I suggest you send a robot back in time to ensure that the franchise rights never get sold?

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