6th Stage of Grief: Assault
August 4th, 2008

6th Stage of Grief: Assault

I’m really excited about today’s strip, because I think I really reached a new level in my art, especially in the last panel. I also pushed myself to do something I don’t like doing, which is drawing hands. I’ve never felt very confident with how I draw hands, but I think I really nailed it this time. I owe a big thanks to Rob Lundy of Console Hopping, (which, incidentally, is a great new Webcomic you should check out!). Rob posted a bunch of great reference images on the webcomic forums at Halfpixel.com after I posted asking for advice. So, thanks a ton, Rob!


We have winners for our main Save Hiatus Comic-Con contest and for the Comic-Con swag bag contest! If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry. We’ll have another contest soon.

  • Number Six in Black litho: Shannon W.
  • Starbuck in Black litho: Gail L.
  • BSG dogtags 1: Abel A.
  • BSG dogtags 2: Diana D.
  • BSG dogtags 3: Dwight
  • BSG dogtags 4: C. Gayle S.
  • Terminator cap: Erin Garvey
  • Mal and Zoe dogtags: Nora A.
  • Instant Geek kit: Leigh W.
  • Swag Kit 1: Christine Y.
  • Swag Kit 2: Emily P.

I don’t think we have any duplicate first-name-last-initial entries, so if you see your name, it’s probably you, but we’ll e-mail the winners just in case to confirm. Congrats to all the winners!

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