Small, non-sequential consolation
August 11th, 2008

Small, non-sequential consolation

Apologies for the missed strip on Friday. Real life got in the way, as I had to drive down to Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon, coming back to the Bay Area on Friday evening. In fact, in the past four days, I’ve driven from Palo Alto to Los Angeles, to San Diego, back to Los Angeles, back to Palo Alto, up to San Francisco, back to Palo Alto, down to Hollister, and back, finally back to Palo Alto. Missed the opening ceremonies of the Olympics (I think I’ve got a lead on a tivo-ed copy — lookin’ at you, PurpleDrazi — but if that doesn’t pan out, I’d love to get an HD copy if anyone’s got one) and am completely wiped out, but I got to spend some quality time with good friends all around though, so the exhaustion is worth it! Oh, and I got to swing by Dr. Horrible’s laundromat while I was in L.A., which was very cool, despite being in a rather sketchy neighborhood.

I’ll try not to miss anymore strips for a while!


  1. Kern

    …is that a Hero by Night badge?

  2. Harriet Joyner


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